пятница, 12 октября 2012 г.

If our vision was in black and white.

We are lucky.

Our eyes are possible to recognize several millions of tones of color. None of the animals has such an amazing ability – to see the world in color.


Morning. First lights of rising sun try to wake you up. Sound of alarm clock helps them and you open your eyes. But something is wrong. Your brain still not waking up raises the alarm; everything you see around is in black and white color. “What a crazy dream!” you think first for a minute. But it’s not a dream. Your vision has become in black and white color. Awfully.

 You are watching everything around. Your hands, legs, hair, everything is grey. You are colorless in the mirror. It’s impossible to recognize a hue of your eyes as they are also achromatic. Million tints of grey is instead of million tints of color. As if it was black and white movie…
Grey food, grey clothes, grey people are on streets of the grey city. Three different grizzle lights regulate traffic.

You are getting used to your new b/w world and it even starts to be interesting: you find yourself living in a black and white movie. So that’s how they feel there, in the black and white films.

But is it a movie or a real life of humanity? None of the animals can recognize so many hues of color but they live really exciting life unlike people who have such an amazing ability and don’t use it in their consequently grey life. Majority of them don’t pay attention to the colors around, to the colors of real being, don’t value its diversity and depreciate their own abilities.

Maybe it’s time to remove the veil from your eyes to see stunning colors and to feel astonishing taste of your own life...